BASSROCK: I’m FRENCH – Deal With It!

March 24, 2013 Off By EDM-News


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Seattle’s Electro house prodigy BASSROCK gains more and more dedicated following by the day. His weekly sets for The DJ Sessions on ITV LIVE have a global following as legendary DJ Donald Glaude just picked up his new track for Eden Records.


“I’m French, Deal With It” Is as playful and important as the name might suggest. Named for the French side of his blood, the track, boasts inventive synth design and arrangement, as well as a healthy dose of genre mixing. Funky French House chord stabs and leads are sprinkled into a complextro base, and supplemented with progressive minded chord plucks. The listener should definitely feel a groove, as Bassrock manages to pull of this funky melting pot of genres quite flawlessly. Although the track was finished almost six months ago, he’s been holding out and generating plenty of buzz. Within that six months, the track has received international radio play on 6 continents.

Another track not to miss “1991,” so named for Bassrock’s birth year, presents an equally as funky listening option, this time catering to house heads. As with the previous one, this track incorporates a majestic blend of house styles, including electro, funky, progressive, and dubstyle. A master of the “double drop,” Bassrock skillfully employs it here, opening with a jazzy uplifting lead melody, and countering with an ear shattering flurry of wobbles and funky lead stabs.

DJ PromotionSurprisingly, EDM is new to Bassrock. Only 8 months into his career, He’s still attempting to define his roots. As he tells it, “I’ve never really tried to define myself by genre. I’m commonly labeled Electro House, but there have been times when I’ve thought about doing just trance, Dubstep, Complextro, and Breakbeat. I’ve worked in over 30 subgenres, so it just makes sense not to limit myself to certain genres.” Previously, Bassrock worked as a Hip Hop Producer and film score composer, even scoring numerous Seattle International Film Festival Pieces. “I think my roots have definitely affected my music,” he says, “Much of the orchestral and Jazz element in my music is the result of my film composition, since those were the primary styles I composed in.”

“1991” and “I’m French, Deal With It” are out now on Eden Recordings. Go get them on BEATPORT!

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