Breakbeats, Fax Machines And Paris Hilton – Channel Surfer (SEA) Exclusive Interview

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Channelsurfer interview Hammarica PRYou are a busy bee keeping up with your own record label Televisionary Records, releasing on other well known labels and last not but least Djing all across the nation. How do you keep up?

I have much more practice pacing myself these days I’ve been performing since I was  8 and DJing out since I was 20 now I’m 31 so I’ve  worked on music skills but I’ve also learned the skills of pacing myself.

You’re known to have love for not just one style of dance music. If you could list three of your favorite genres of EDM, what would these be?

Genres are like racial lines these days. So polarizing! I personally don’t see them as separate anymore. I just see them as threads in the same blanket of Electronic.  Trance is very special to me for its longevity and caliber.  Breakbeat is arguably my do-best, though it enjoys little market, and of all the modern sounds, Electro still holds my interest.

What do you look for in productions to sign for the label?

They have to compete. It’s such a saturated world market right now.  Even quality tunes are falling through the cracks. I am a musician and I look for musicianship in the records that I sign but our releases have to be an impressive combination of production value and musicianship.

DJ InterviewsWhat is more satisfying for you: an original production or a remix?

Ultimately originals, but some remixes get right under your skin.

What is the weirdest noise you ever sampled and how did you make that happen?

Truth be told, I sample very little but for my live acts cover of Nine Inch Nails “Reptile” I actually recorded a fax machine for a grinding pitched up dissonant effect. It’s pretty nasty.

Where does the name Channel Surfer come from and what is the distinction with Channel Smurfer?

In 1997, Beck won several Grammy’s for “Odelay”. In an interview, they asked him to describe the record and he said it was simply “channel surfing”. That always stood out in my mind and I started using it to DJ under in 2001. It fits with the whole multi-genre thing too.  Channel Smurfer is just an affectionate nickname. In a way it’s my playful alter ego.

What was the best place where you ever performed? 

As far as best place I’ve ever performed, I had a really nice time at WaMu theater for FreakNight last year. It was a side stage, I’d really like a crack at a main stage performance there some day.


Since the DJ Mag Top 100 vote is coming to a close soon, we would like to have your top 5 Djs and the reason why you chose these particular ones.

Sean Tyas.  He’s an artist you can really believe in.
Sander Van Doorn. He’s been behind by some of his hot shot peers for too many years.
Etienne Ozborne – Who? Exactly.
Daniel Portman – His tracks are sculptures.
And Paris Hilton –  It takes balls to walk into a test knowing you deserve an “F”.

Last word for your fans?

This music needs to be about more than just partying. We’re currently in an era where things are really confused and shallow. I’m all for galvanizing a newer, youthful audience but some of these kids are entering the community with a skewed impression of it’s values or it’s history. Dance music has always been a private community of dedicated artists and fans. If we can restore that sense of culture while incorporating these new elements we can really show the greater music world what we’re all about!!

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