Gareth Emery Fights Critics After Including Guetta Track In Podcast

June 29, 2012 Off By EDM-News


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Gareth Emery had to deal with a load of criticism from fans after he decided to include a track by David Guetta in his podcast. This was his response:

“Haven’t written a lengthy monologue for a while, so here goes. It both amuses and annoys me when people simply look at the tracklist from my last podcast and go OMG GUETTA IS ON THERE U FUCKING SELLOUT. Yeah, there is a Guetta track on there – it’s a collab with Nicky Romero (who rocks btw), it’s an instrumental, and it is a cool track. I’m sure if the exact same track was made by someone ‘underground’ like Ashley Wallbridge or Orjan Nilsen, the same people who are complaining would be loving it. Now OBVIOUSLY you’re not going to be hearing any of Guetta’s commercial efforts on my podcast, but when he makes something good, I’m not going to exclude it simply on the basis of who he is. Moral of the story – judge music by how it sounds, not by the name on the front cover. You’ll enjoy music more, and be less angry. Trust me.”

We at Hammarica praise this well known DJ for choosing the music by heart and not by name.