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Hurray for Excess

We’re living an era dominated by EDM clone-artists, but that doesn’t stop Toronto duo Hurray for Excess from drop-kicking normality in the balls.

Their single, entitled Shout Sister – which is much easier to listen to than it is to classify – is available now at all reputable online music stores.

Upon being founded, Montreal-based label Alpha Milk Recordings embarked on a brave yet simple quest: to deliver quality electronic music that doesn’t always fit squarely into established genres. Hurray For Excess is a perfect example of Alpha Milk’s mission statement, possessing the sort of style-bending creativity Alpha Milk is becoming known and respected for. With elements of house, tekno, D&B, breakbeat and pop, this tune will have you begging for more from this innovative, Toronto based music ensemble.

As Shout Sister takes you through the dusty attic of EDM styles, it will quickly become apparent that it was created by artists who still value originality and innovation over immediate acceptance… a way of thinking which, although once common in underground electronic, is now increasingly difficult to find. Hurray for Excess has the rare and spectacular gift of being able to extract influence from a wide variety of styles, but without paying eternal hommage to any one of them at the expense of their originality.

More on the Artists

Hurray for Excess are Saro and Haig together forever. Born and raised in Toronto, one’s a producer/DJ who loves electronic music and pizza, the other’s a classically trained guitarist with one thing on his mind: Vengeance. Their blend of nonconformist electronica is an amalgam of all the stuff they grew up listening to: metal, house, jungle, funk, techno, and dancepop.


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