Interview with Dave & Chad from Tritonal

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Hi Chad- Hi Dave – Kate from here.

Kate: First I wanna thank you guys SOO much for taking time out of your busy touring schedule to do an interview with the site, and I. We really appreciate it!!

Chad – Thanks for having us!

Dave – We’re glad to 🙂


Kate: I would like to start this with a seemingly trending topic – the EDM music scene becoming so mainstream!! Artists like Britney Spears, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and now even Justin Bieber seem to be leaning towards a more EDM influenced sound.  You can hear house/electronic music blaring from stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, Forever21, etc in the malls – and The Glitch Mob can be heard in the new Amazing SpiderMan trailer as well as DeadMau5 in The Hangover2.

Do you find the rise in the Electronic Dance Music flattering and have a feeling of “it’ about damn time our music is noticed and appreciated!” or do you find it insulting and demeaning – like it’s taking away from the music?

Chad – I LOVE it! It opens up so many cool opportunities for the future, and gives guys like Tritonal a chance to reach a much larger audience. We love writing music, and want to share it with as many people as possible – it’s great for those guys to be getting commercial licensing, really exciting.

Dave – It is about damn time!!! I’ve loved this music for half my life – back in the day, most of my friends thought I was crazy. “Oh – he likes techno music.” Now, it’s become so mainstream, they’re trying to produce it! Overall, it puts a positive effect in the studio for us because each day that we’re in there, not only do we know we do appeal to the ‘trance’ sound’s fanbase, but we now know that our sound will potentially reach out on an entire global level! Such an explosion!

Kate: Why now?? Why do you think now there is such a surge of EDM?

Chad – It’s a culmination of things. The club life in the US plays a huge roll–it’s really a movement going on with festivals such as Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, etc. Also, as you already mentioned, Pop / Rock / RnB have all embraced the 4/4 beat as the “new sound”. It’s getting massive radio play and so many new fans are being turned on to EDM every day.

Dave – I think it’s also because there are simply some people that haven’t heard it, nor really appreciated it for that matter. Now, it was the shot heard around the world and has infected everyone!

Kate: Tritonal means an explosive 80% TNT and 20% aluminum —  new question–how’d you come up with such an interesting name?

Chad – By literally going through so MANY bad ones!! 100s in fact, hahaha!

Dave – Yeah haha! We had some pretty bad ones too like “Refracted Angle”.. (cringes) But yes, Tritonal has great meaning to us because of its explosive definitions as well as its musical definitions: A diminished 5th (Chord) on the piano – which is quite dark sounding.

tritonalKate O’Connell: Plenty of celebrities and pretty much everyone and their mom is attempting to “DJ” these days. Again do you find this flattering or insulting?

Chad – I don’t worry about it. It’s trendy at the minute but something that will always be true is “Good music is good music”. We try and focus on the writing, make sure that it has depth and weight and let the cards fall where they will. Getting all wrapped up in the latest “situation” is silly, we strive to be as good as we can be and not hate on others.

Dave – I completely agree here – the whole DJing thing isn’t really our focus. I don’t really pay much attention to those things. We start our heads in our tracks, not on the decks. There’s a time and place for that. Plus, we’d like to eventually think of ourselves as performers, producers and musicians, not DJs.

Kate: I notice you two like to collaborate with all types of artists from all genres – if there was anyone you could collaborate with – dead or alive – who would it be and why? And would you form a ‘SuperGoup ie. Swedish House Mafia or just make a track?

 Chad – Mine is Chris from Coldplay or Sarah Mclachlan

 Dave – It would be a dream to lay down a brand new track with Adele!

Kate: What do you find are the two biggest challenges and two biggest advantages to being a duo or group when producing or creating music as opposed to a single or individual artist?

 Chad – Advantages are a companion on the road, someone to really balance out the creative process, and someone to split the workload with. I think for the most part it’s all advantages, I guess the disadvantage would be splitting the finances 50/50!

 Dave – Having two heads in this is definitely quite beneficial once you get over your differences, creatively and personally. Otherwise, we really have a developed work method and machine that we attend to every day, but it takes two people to make it work 🙂

 Kate: Do you find the term “DJ” and “Producer” are being using loosely and getting confused recently? If so why do you think that is?

 Chad – Probably, mostly because today it’s hard to really make it onto the touring circuit without writing tracks. That said, they are completely different arts and need to both be mastered in their own rights. You won’t find me preaching about how hard it is to be a DJ. At the end of the day, today’s fans want to hear the big tracks by the artists they love. The whole “Take me on a journey” days of Sasha & Digweed are over, and as a guy who likes catchy commercial music, I like it.

Dave – There are also a lot of passionate music lovers out there that want to create the music that they love and DJ it also. It’s really easy now to put out music – there are SO MANY labels, methods of production, social networks to show your work, etc!

 Kate: What is your best advice for any new producer or producing duo out there?

 Chad – PRACTICE, PASSION, PERSEVERANCE! Take your time and learn your craft–it’s okay to get frustrated – we still do daily!

 Kate: “Piercing the Quiet” just dropped in May of 2011 and you were already on the line up for Electric Daisy Carnival-2012 (EDC). What were your first thoughts when asked to play such a life changing gig? Did you two alwayswant to play on the Arena scale and massives like EDC and be such a huge influence on the trance end of the EDM scene or were you just creating music you liked?

 Chad – We were pretty specific on the music we wanted to create and play. We were also on page about writing down our goals at the beginning of each year, and playing the big stages has always been a goal.   Now that we’re getting the opportunity, we’re trying to really enjoy the moment and continue to work hard to get better.

 Kate: You guys have a radio show and now a record label “Air Up There Recordings” – will the label and station be aimed mostly at other trance artists or all types of EDM?

Tritonal : Air Up There is a progressive house and trance label. We play and bounce back and forth between both genres, blurring the lines as much as possible. We don’t think about what its called as much as we do “is this track hot or not?” The radio show is a chance to showcase which tracks we feel are the set at the moment, as well as act as a filter for what we’ll drop in our live sets.

Kate: And last but not least – when can we witness your awesomeness in Seattle?

Tritonal : Hope to make it back up to your rainy but beautiful state sometime in the next 6 months!

Kate:  Thank you guys again for your time!!! We look forward to your answers as well as your music!!! Keep up the amazing work!!

Much Love and bass – Kate – and the entire team!