Luca Draccar to Sugar You with His New EP “Sugar”

March 23, 2022 Off By EDM-News


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Berlin-based producer Luca Draccar extends his reign over the world of electronic dance music with his new ep titled Sugar. This groove-laden project represents some of Draccar’s finest work. Sugar consists of three tracks that sonically brandish a utopic theme of life as a sugar pill, filled with emotional frequencies.

The party begins Love Is Killing You, the listener is introduced to an audible terrain that is sweeter a love for all consciousness, Draccar infuses dark overtones by means of whirling synth sounds, which are anchored along the landscape with a crisp beat. Fluttering electric guitar strums appear almost randomly but are in synch with the melody. Additional sequence of digital strings makes the journey through Love Is Killing You easy on the infatuation side.

Moving into the rhythms of She Is Gone. Amplified with deep bass and a traditional house drum pattern, Draccar has put together a fabulous outro that pulsates in the beauty of the track’s musical richness. Overall, Sugar by Luca Draccar is filled with delights and in many ways propels us into an introspective journey that is stimulated through the genius of melody.

Sugar concludes as it started with an upbeat melodic gem called Come Closer. This upbeat tune proves to be the perfect way to end the intense journey that lays ahead. Come Closer totes a hard driven beat that is frosted by bright keys and a sonic otherworldliness. Solid synth arrangements amid the tracks fluttering bassline keep us in suspense waiting for the next door to open. he artists that convey art through technology by embracing modern ways of producing their music. With a lot of years’ experience, he is able to produce music that his fans will surely love.


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