‘Neo Noir Plaisir’ By Luca Draccar Once Again Satisfies All Expectations

November 15, 2021 Off By EDM-News


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Neo Noir Plaisir is an exceptional musical work by Luca Draccar. The new EP display many of Luca Draccar’s rich ideals and is quite entertaining. Neo Noir Plaisir is comprised of three tracks that form a storybook gnosis in underground music. Each composition formulates its own dimension beginning with the opening track Margot.

Luca Draccar does it again as the opening track Margot demonstrates the depths of his sophisticated production. Its enthralling rhythm is both entertaining and irresistibly succulent. Like an unfolding lotus flower, this textured tune comes with many layers and underlying sounds that are a tremendous aid in audio seduction.

Next, the track titled Mouse In Trap brings us into the fields of melody wherein the melodic sun of perversity is embodied in this most tempting rhythm. Layered drum tracks and streaming voices amid piercing sounds of electronic make Mouse In Trap a revolutionary offering.

The concluding track, The Black White Palm nicely summarizes Luca Draccar’s latest effort with a cinematic conclusion. He track’s theatrical premise is breathtaking, as its electronic instrumentation sound completely organic and follows the terrain of an orchestra. However, we find The Black White Palm a melodic scroll that unwinds itself with flawless precision as it makes Neo Noir Plaisir an emancipating experience.


Neo Noir Plaisir

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