March 20, 2017 Off By EDM-News

Seattle based house music producer David Lowell Smith has been very busy with great new releases for you to check out. 4 new releases on 3 labels .

Although his career in electronic music began with a couple of bad Gemini CDJS to play his own productions on, he has morphed into a into a key figure in Seattle’s underground dance music scene with a long running monthly event “Turntable Sundae: Liquid Dreams” every 2nd Sunday at The Upstairs in Seattle. as a producer he has released 8 albums to date.

David Lowell Smith House Music


David has developed a powerful signature production style boldly mixing raw, innovative sounds, and performs with a genuine passion that pours out of the DJ booth and onto the dance floor.

After 5 full album releases as Super/Dave , he decided to go with his given name for new releases.

He released the album “Thoughts for a Thrill” on Global Dance Records in December.

Than a follow-up EP on GDR  “Raiders of the Void” in February

His latest release is the “Midnight Forever” EP on the Late Night Munchies label

Next up will be the “Decimation Nation” EP on Italy’s Cadillac Records due March 27 2017. A preview is here

Fans can check out his soundcloud page where he posts new material for previews:

They can also check out his mixcloud page for DJ mixes

David Lowell Smith has been a musician since a early age, and his releases show that quality.